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Info Hub Consultancy Services (ICS) is one of the leading medical billing service providers based out of India, that can help you optimize your reimbursements.

Looking forward to finding a right partner that understands your requirements, specialties and practices related to medical billing outsourcing?


We provide comprehensive and fully integrated medical billing solutions. Outsource your medical billing services to us & give your practice a competitive edge.
Are you struggling to keep up with the changing rules in case of medical coding? Our expert ICD Coders can help fix all your coding errors
Get Credentialed to a large pool of providers with our Credentialing services
Looking for proper guidance regarding management of your revenue cycle? We can help you in analysing, optimising and managing your revenue cycle.

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Signing the MSA & final kick-off call including Decision-Makers & Account Manager
Establishing & setting up the connections through remote sessions
Conducting web conference meeting & sign off the client’s profile & internal training
Going Live & Project Progress Tracking
We would like to take this moment to talk about the wonderful services that Info Hub Consultancy (ICS) Services has been providing us for more than a year now. We had good staff but still were facing challenges with credentialing and medical billing. The strategy that the Info Hub Consultancy team applied to resolve all our issues with medical billing was amazing, and it has been helping us to maintain consistency in generating revenue. The company has highly qualified experts who give us scalable solutions to streamline our medical billing process and been one of the pillar supports not only for our revenue growth but also help us grow verticals in our business. We look forward to establishing a healthy relationship with Info Hub Consultancy and happy to partner with them for managing our medical billing services.
Dr. Ohoud
We have been working with Info Hub Consultancy (ICS) Services for the past few years, and so far it has been a great journey. It is the ideal time to appreciate their strategic planning and meeting deadlines. They are professionals in offering top notch medical billing services and have great expertise in multiple functionalities in medical billing. We started as a small practice, and right from the beginning, the support we have been receiving from Info Hub Consultancy is splendid. Particularly, they have medical code complexity crackers in their team who help us with on-time claims in no time. We chose them as our medical billing partner since they have a good clientele base, and they are aligned to HIPAA compliant as well, thereby taking away our stress of maintaining our patients’ records secure and safe. A big kudos the Info Hub Consultancy team!
Dr. Syed Mohammed
It is highly difficult for an individual medical practitioner to get support on claims at high level from an established company. But Info Hub Consultancy (ICS) Services was an extraordinary medical billing partner and supported my practice to a great extent by helping on submitting medical bills at the right time. Now, with running more than two practice centers, I don’t find managing my patients’ medical bills and claims difficult, and the customized software embedded in our medical billing system by Info Hub Consultancy has no words to talk. It is extremely simple and allows us manage appointments of all my medical centers in one place. No matter what kind of medical service you provide to your patients, but Info Hub Consultancy breaks down the complexity in your medical billing process and takes your practice to the next level within no time in terms of patient satisfaction.
Dr. James

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We offer extensive medical billing services to both Providers & Billing Companies

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