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Failing to maximize your radiology reimbursement can be quite daunting for your practice and the ROI for the clinic.  We know the challenges are:

Radiology medical billing is unique and is continuing to pose a challenge when it comes to claim settlements. 

The biller has to be aware of the ever-evolving treatment and advanced technology to know the latest and new CPT codes that are regularly being attended. Therefore, special and constant attention to both the technical and professional component in the billing is a must when filing the claim. 

We know it is not an easy task. Mainly when there are so many more challenges in this field.  

Is Administrative Burden Taking The Focus Away?

In radiology practice, in most cases, the radiology medical billing services are handled by the healthcare practitioners. 

The complicated nature of radiology billing services puts undue pressure on the staff. As a result, they are torn between handling non-medical obligations, billing, and coding for reimbursement and the patient. Irrespective of the practice being an individual one or a large-scale, taking care of the administrative work like billing often leads to claim rejection and eventually less revenue for the practice. 

Apart from these, radiology practices are often marred with other challenges:

It’s time to change your radiology practice having to walk through these billing challenges. But, there is an easy way to solve it – Info Hub Consultancy Services.


Adhere To The Billing Compliance Standards With ICS

If you think about whether you should outsource radiology billing, the answer is yes and if you also want to know why? The answer is we Adhere to Compliance Standards. 

Radiology being a specialty in the medical field, radiology billing comes with a different and unique set of compliance parameters, rules, and regulations. Any practice engaging with radiology needs to follow them, and these standards are frequently changed and updated. In fact, keeping up with them while maintaining your practice can be very difficult. 

When you outsource the radiology medical billing services to us, we worry about the compliance changes and how to use them for a hundred percent reimbursement. 

As you outsource partner, we also ensure the radiology billing is:


Timely Reimbursement With Info Hub Consultancy Services

Keeping the practice successful and your staff interested in the job is to be able to pay them on time. Therefore, a regular revenue flow is important. With ICS as your radiology billing service partner, we help you with getting reimbursements for the services rendered on time. 

We offer a same-day claim management system with accurate doing by our expert billers and coders.

If you are wondering why outsources radiology medical billing to us – the answer is we cover all your radiology billing and submission processes to get your revenue on time. 

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