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With the aging population on the rise, wound care is getting much-needed attention in the healthcare discipline. If you are a provider of such a service, you already know that wound care medical billing is often plagued with challenges. For example, most insurers don’t cover all types of wound care services. Adding to that is the ones that are covered require you to fill up a series of administrative forms and documentations with minute details to get the reimbursement.

So, you and your staff are naturally torn between providing the service of taking care of the patient and filling out the claim forms.

It’s time to know the more challenges you can face as a wound care practitioner and how to handle better-wound care billing services for your practice.

Confusion With Terms Causing Revenue Loss

Did you know many wound care practices lose their revenue because of the semantics? Often when a biller interchanges a word, it can result in your claim getting rejected.

For example, when filling the form, if you interchange the word wound with the ulcer, the chances are under ICD-10, you will not get paid for the service rendered.

When you are filling the form in wound care, you have to be very careful with the words you use in the coding.

But the chances of losing your revenue don’t end here when it comes to wound care medical billing services. Some of the other cases where your claims can get rejected in wound care are:

As a wound care practitioner, the last thing you want is to get your claims rejected already when the claim coverage for the discipline is less. So, why not outsource wound care medical billing services to a professional like Info Hub Consultancy Services and generate the revenue you deserve.

We Know The Correct Add-On Codes

When you partner with ICS as your outsource wound care billing provider, you will no longer be the victim of the common error of failing to use the correct add-on code properly.

It is vital to know the rules associated with the codes to get coverage. Since having codes does not translate into getting the reimbursement. You need to apply the codes and then the correct add-ons in wound care.

As your outsource partner, we at Info Hub Consultancy Services ensure

These are some of the benefits you can avail yourself of with Info Hub Consultancy Services (ICS).

Helping You With Revenue Management

Another aspect that we can help you with your wound care practice is your revenue management. We offer consulting services where Info Hub Consultancy Services experts will help you to streamline your in-house revenue management system. We will bring in the latest software application. Strip the outdated software and processes while helping you identify the areas causing revenue leakage. We will also help you to train your staff better to increase the revenue of the practice.

Now, convinced on why outsource wound care medical billing to ICS?

Contact us, and we will take care of it.

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