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It’s time to get paid for what you have earned with your urgent care service. We at Info Hub Consultancy Services help you to simplify your urgent care billing services with our integrated solutions. As a result, you no longer have to wrack your brain while attending to patients or your staff getting confused with the several factors affecting urgent care billing.

Currently, many variables in the mix have changed the way urgent care billing works, and it is still changing like many other specialized practices. But we are here to help so you can focus on your patients while your staff can run the admin.

Under-Coding Is A Nightmare

Do you have an efficient electronic medical system and still get claims rejected? The reason can be many, but one of the often-cited causes is under-coding.

Even when your electronic medical system is an efficient one or of the latest software, the user still has to be aware of how to use it properly for the right coding. Unless the biller enters the right documents, coding the chances of under-coding or over-coding is quite high.

This will eventually lead to a loss of revenue and your practice.

In urgent care, you have to be cautious that the urgent care medical billing is done properly. The notes need to be reviewed accurately, and at times the staff needs to attend a refreshers course.

But the woes with urgent care medical billing services don’t end here.  Many of other factors can affect the revenue cycle

It’s time to change all these with Info Hub Consultancy Services as your outsource urgent care billing provider.

Accurate Data Entry – The First Step For Successful Claim

With us, as you outsource urgent care medical billing services to a partner, the job of a smooth billing process starts at the front desk. This includes taking in information like


Since there is no chance of a pre-registration process, the paperwork needs to be in detail and done correctly when the patient enters the facility.

With accurate data entry, we ensure there is little chance of claim rejection.

Offshore-Urgent-Care-medical-Billing-Services-In India

But we don’t stop there with our service, and Info Hub Consultancy Services also takes care of

Helping You To Negotiate

If the above reasons are not enough for answering why outsource urgent care medical billing to Info Hub Consultancy Services, here is one more.

Often the contract of the payer determines the amount of reimbursement in urgent care services. We at ICS read the fingerprints of the insurer policies and help you to negotiate a better deal when they pay you less.  With us at your side, you can optimize your revenue cycle better and with confidence.

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