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Since the rampage caused by COVID_19, telemedicine, and telehealth have been changing daily. Even for the experts keeping up with the ever-changing telehealth billing services is getting tricky.  The guidelines of telehealth are still forming. Rather, the rules for billing in telehealth are changing from insurer to insurer. Therefore, the rules and regulations vary.

It is no surprise that you, as a telehealth service provider or practitioner, are finding it hard to get your claims reimbursed. But, unfortunately, there are many like you who are getting bogged down with the billing complexities.

We at ICS are here to help with your telehealth medical billing.

Lack Knowledge As What And Who Is Covered

Of the many challenges that telehealth poses to the practitioner and the biller, one major concern knows what and who is covered in the insurance.


Remember, not all commercial insurance plans cover telehealth. Also, each state’s coverage under Medicaid differs. Although some Medicare covers certain telehealth procedure codes, billing these services and getting the money for the service rendered can feel like winning a lottery.


You not only have to know the services that are covered but also:

Once you have got across these questions, the next tricky part arrives:

But the challenges don’t end here. There is then the

Follow these up with claim rejections, failure to pre-authorize, and lack of latest software to update telehealth changes.


Soon, with all these difficulties in your telehealth medical billing services, you can easily find to keep your practice afloat.

Time To Stay Complaint & Maximize The Reimbursement

Outsource telehealth billing service to us at Info Hub Consultancy Services. Our experienced team of billers and coders will take care of it all while you can deliver the care and attention they need to your patients.

ICS will manage all your claims, coding, payment posting, and everything associated with the telehealth reimbursement process to ensure your revenue is never stopped. Instead, with us as the provider of outsourced telehealth medical billing services, you can increase your practice revenue while staying compliant with telehealth’s latest and ever-changing rules and regulations.

We also take care of:

So, why not take our help to excel your telehealth practice to serve the community better

A Regular Account Receivable Follow Up With Us!

If you are still wondering why outsource telehealth medical billing to ICS, the answer is we take care of account receivable follow-ups. So no longer will you be losing revenue for the claims that have gone past their filing limit or date.

We have a system in place that works down from the age of the claim to ensure you get the reimbursement all the time.

We also do periodic follow-ups with the providers and know the submitted claim status to ensure it is getting processed and progressing correctly.

It’s time you let us worry about your revenue while you take care of the patients with your telehealth service. To know more, contact us today!

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