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Build your Independent Practice to be a success irrespective of the speciality!

Kareo was established to offer a complete cloud-based technology platform for independent medical practices. Currently, they work with over 65,000 healthcare providers across all 50 states to run a profitable and efficient practice.

The focus of Kareo was to help independent practices with a technology-based platform that would allow them to find more patients, easy to use EHR that is fully certified while giving the best care possible to the patients. In addition, the software was developed to ensure the independent practices get paid and reimbursed quickly for their services via error-free medical billing and coding.

Since 2016, Kareo has received a host of recognition from the industry, including Deloitte technology first 500, Inc and Black Book’s #1 Integrated EHR, Practice Management, Telehealth, and Medical Billing Vendor.

The mission of Kareo is to keep independent practices always ready and succeed in the healthcare market that is frequently changing.


Complete Cloud-based Billing Software!

Kareo has focused on developing cloud-based software to help the independent practitioners of all specialties. This will help them to make the right decisions with their practice so they can have scalable results with improved ROI.  The part of the process includes:

▪️ Free support

▪️ Free on-boarding

▪️ Cost-efficient solution

▪️ Time-effective suite

▪️ A single intuitive platform to manage all the functions effortlessly

In-built analytics to manage the revenue performance of the practice

Migrating paper trails and files to a cloud-based solution


Kareo specializes in providing round-the-clock support to its partners across all platforms. Along with it, the independent practices can also offer high-quality services with Kareo as-

▪️ Physical therapy billing and coding solutions can be customized for the practice

▪️ Getting paid in a hassle-free manner for the mental health billing services

▪️ Efficient ophthalmology practice billing management

▪️ Connecting with patients easily and anywhere with tele-health billing and coding suite

▪️ Getting reimbursed by private payers for urgent care billing and coding

▪️ Easy and improved patient collection in podiatry practice

▪️ Efficient and error-free billing and reimbursement from insurers for internal health and radiology billing services

These are some but not an exhaustive list of features and specialties offered by Kareo. You can reap the full benefit of this cloud-based suite while focusing on your practice with Info Hub Consultancy Services, leading outsource medical billing services provider as your partner. Contact us today, and we will take care of all things with Kareo.

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