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Cloud-based end-to-end software for seamless workflow!

NueMD was established in 1993 to simplify the complex nature of the medical billing and coding system. Hence, it was developed to ensure a hassle-free process for the doctors and other medical practitioners to get paid for their services by easily navigating the reimbursement rules correctly.

The process developed by NueMD ensures an increased rate of claim success backed with robust, dependable, and secure, and advanced technology-based solutions. In fact, the core part of NueMD’s USP is that they constantly upgrade and adapt the changing policies of the healthcare sector, the requirements of the patients, insurance provider’s, and the medical practitioners.

Their roots in parallel processing and computing research enable them to work on complex operational, administrative procedures that reduce the delivery cost of business applications – hence increasing the ROI of the medical facility.


Offers a centralized cloud-based, user-friendly EHR system!

NeuMD is a technology-backed service where the user does not have to worry about any downtime, security, server failure, or backups. Instead, the practitioners and the service providers with the right authentication can easily access the patient’s data in real-time and update the records immediately.

Some of the features offered by NueMD are as follows:

▪️ Practice management

▪️ Electronic Health Records with e-Prescribing and e-Labs

▪️ Medical billing and coding services

▪️ Mobile application that can be synced with other systems

▪️ Ability to work offline

▪️ Easy access to PM and EHR


With the NueMD software, one can completely transform the practice in the direction of effective revenue generation and serve patients better. The specialties covered by the NueMD include:

▪️ Scheduling of multiple patients, physicians, and offices

▪️ Easy to manage referrals and share the data with other services

▪️ Secured and hassle-free payment management

▪️ Easy to handle patient details in family practice billing

▪️ Submitting accurate podiatry billing claims at the first time

▪️ Optimization of the specialty care billing solutions

▪️ Capable of dealing with the mental and behavioral health billing challenges

▪️ Provides ease in chiropractic billing and coding practices

If you are working with NueMD and want a partner who can help you to navigate the software, contact ICS, leading outsource medical billling company.

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