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Are you struggling with on-time documentation, communication, and keeping the paperwork relevant with the insurers? Is your practice falling behind due to the lack of having correct resources to manage the family practice medical billing? Are you unable to warrant the proper billing collection and maintenance? If any of these answers to the questions are yes, it is time for you to outsource family practice billing to Info Hub Consultancy Services. An expert service provider in family practice billing will help you streamline the process, thus reducing the overall operational costs while focusing on your practice.


Want To Increase Productivity To Stop Losing Money?

For physical practitioners like you, the running cost of the clinic, rising expenditure, increased paperwork, and decrease in reimbursement are not the only factors that cause you to lose money and decrease your productivity. However, the two most crucial factors cause you to lose money.

Improper management of A/R – In this specialty, Account Receivables are the benchmarks and must be followed. Also, only the team of Denial Management Experts and Account Receivables Professionals can maintain at most 30 days in A/R. However, CFOs and COOs managing the revenue cycle but not defining A/R and the standard operating process for collections can lead to denials due to lack of guidelines clarity.

Charge Entry – More the involvement of specialists in bundled payment programs, the greater the charge entry process becomes complicated. Undoubtedly, this process figures out how much reimbursement a physician will receive. But simultaneously, it becomes difficult to charge as numerous multiple systems generate different information for diagnosis and patient treatment.

If you want to mitigate these challenges, it is time for you to consider ICS as your outsourcing family practice medical billing partner.


We Are The Family Practice Billing Company For You!

The success of family practice medical service depends on the quality medical service you offer to a diverse population. When you outsource family practice medical billing services to Info Hub Consultancy Services, you can take care of the core task while taking care of every aspect of your billing by our experts. We help with eligibility verification, Pre-authorization verification, regular payment audits, customized billing processes, and much more. 

Moreover, you get assured sustenance and profitability stages of your healthcare center. As ICS and our team of experts focus on:

Time To Offer Superior Service!

With ICS, you can be assured to increase your practice’s financial strength. A clinic’s success is directly correlated to medical billing and its management. Documentation mistakes and failure to follow up will make you lose thousands of dollars every year. But when you invest in a company like Info Hub Consultancy Services, you will be ensured that such mistakes are eliminated so you won’t lose money anymore—eventually increasing your practice’s financial strength that will allow you to invest in the latest medical technology to offer superior services like authorization process on prior basis, accuracy in coding, and credentialing.

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