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Reducing the healthcare service across the USA with cloud-based enhanced IT solutions!

Practice Fusion is counted to be one of the US’s largest cloud-based medical EHR platforms. They are offering support and care to over 5 million patients and 30,000 medical practices within a month. It was established in 2005 with the commitment to deliver easy-to-use and intuitive healthcare services to both small and independent practices.

The smart IT solutions that Practice Fusion uses are offered to medical facilities and service providers across the spectrum like pharmacies, clinical labs, health systems, imaging centres, to name a few.  Practise Fusion’s healthcare solution is a cloud-based service platform that offers improved coordination and care between the patients and the service providers. The innovative system amplifies enriched and superior healthcare outcomes and enhances the patient experience and overall cost-reduction for the facilities.


Improving Your Practice with Robust & Secured Cloud- Based Solution!

Practice Fusion is a medical billing and coding solution that is simple and easy to use and learn. In addition, the platform’s streamlining features help lower the admin cost while ensuring day-to-day efficiency in the operation where your patients come first. A few of the features offered by Practice Fusion include:

▪️ Streamline charting that allows customization of template and easy to access patient summary

▪️ Seamless prescribing enables e-Prescribing and managing the medication order from anywhere and anytime

▪️ Efficient connectivity helps you to exchange information across 98,000 pharmacies, 500 labs and imaging centres, and more.

▪️ Flexible billing management that partners with industry leaders

▪️ Intuitive and insightful dashboard to monitor your progress and quality of service


The Practice Fusion is an ICD-10 ready solution that allows you to select the type of service you want with their customized packages. A few of specialties offered by the platform are:

▪️ Implementation, training, and support for the customer included in their package

▪️ Unified medical practice management system for better task management

▪️ Charting on any device and integrated policy support for psychiatric and mental health billing

▪️ Tailoring the workflow need of the urgent care coding

▪️ On-demand resources and customization of health care billing solution

▪️ Receive faster and direct lab results

▪️ Seamless sending of results to the referral network

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