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While focusing on delivering care to your patients, your administrative staff needs to know about different kinds of procedures like hernia repair surgery and bariatric surgery. You and your team need to be well-versed in the proper surgical packages, same-day procedures, documentation for the listed and unlisted procedures, and surgeon modifier roles. A slight mistake in any documentation and coding while preparing the general surgery medical billing can lead to failure to get the money from the insurer.  

Warranting a smooth and hassle-free revenue cycle management with reduced claim denials should be a priority. You have to do one thing for all this, i.e., outsource general surgery medical billing to Info Hub Consultancy Services. 


Common Failures To Manage The Intricacies!

Failure to comply with the challenges and negligence to pay attention to all the distinctive and intricate details within the broader spectrum of general surgery medical billing services can lead to your practice’s downfall. 

The pitfalls often faced by general surgery practitioners and their administrative staff in billing are:

When you outsource general surgery medical billing along with the solution to these challenges, there are several other benefits that your practice will enjoy.


Combining Professional Excellence with Technology

Are you wondering why outsource general surgery medical billing to ICS?

We have been in the business taking care of billing for several medical practices for years. ICS specializes in bringing together technology with professional experience to warrant you get the money for the service rendered to the patients.

Our services cover:

Customized Service At Info Hub Consultancy Services (ICS) !

At ICS, you get customized service as per your practice’s requirements. We know in the medical industry, one size doesn’t fit all. So when you outsource general surgery billing to us, we develop a system that offers the service of efficient technical coders and the most updated billing software in the industry to help you tide over the billing challenges. Our 100% transparent procedure will give you the peace to focus entirely on your patients. 

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