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It’s time to simplify the healthcare billing and coding with digital solutions!

Brightree was founded in 2002 to build innovative technology solutions that would provide augmented billing and coding services to the ever-changing and post-acute challenging healthcare industry. The focus has been to improve and enhance the performance of the clinic and any independent health care facility.

Brightree aims to provide a solution that follows the natural workflow of the practice while automating how the healthcare service provider manages their business. The technology-backed software offered by Brightree has been developed to ensure the healthcare industry can serve the patients better while getting reimbursed for the services rendered without any hassle.

Over the years, Brightree has been committed to understand the healthcare industry and how it is being shaped for the future to keep on equipping its customers with all the necessary tools to ensure they succeed in their business with smooth medical billing.

In fact, Brightree makes it easy for businesses in post-acute care with their seamlessly easy-to-use platform.


Technology-backed Software for Accurate Medical Billing and Coding!

Brightree has been serving the HME and the pharmacy business to meet their demands regularly. They offer customizable features to the users who can make their practice future-ready with:

▪️ Billing management

▪️ Documentation management

▪️ Inventory management

▪️ Patient resupply

▪️ Inbuilt advanced analytics for bettering the performance of the practice

▪️ Training the staff on the cloud-based solutions for enhanced performance

▪️ Offering consultations to identify the gaps and improve them to increase the ROI

▪️ There are other add-on solutions as well

  1. Specialties

    Brightree has been providing support to all its business partners and associates during the unprecedented times of the pandemic with their Covid-19 resource center. But before that, they have been offering specialized services in:

▪️ Simplifying the revenue management system for orthodontics billing

▪️ Offering a holistic view of the businesses and treatments rendered in prosthetics practic.

▪️ Patient management for sleep therapy billing solutions

▪️ Mobile delivery service for telehealth coding services

▪️ e-Prescription in urgent care billing and coding

▪️ Error-free ambulatory care billing for insurance amount reimbursement

▪️ Patient-centered ophthalmology billing and coding

If you need to harness the benefits offered by Brightree for your clinic or practice, why not team up with Info Hub Consultancy Services experts, who will optimize your medical billing and coding solutions in the best way possible.

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