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Is your mental health practice facing a drop in the ROI, declines in the reimbursements, or is your staff facing challenges with the billing? Trust us when we say you are not the only one. The mental health medical billing process is quite challenging.

In mental health, the psychiatrist and/or psychologist offers a wide variety of services and scopes of treatment. In mental health, the services are not always standardized where the length of a session, therapy, and medication changes from patient to patient. This makes the billing process quite complicated.

In such a scenario, you need an ally who knows how to handle the process so your practice can focus on the patients.

Insurance Companies Poses Quite A Challenge


Insurance companies fail to recognize the duration of the treatment varies from patient to patient in mental health. When they standardize the number of sessions an individual can have and how long the treatment can run, they pressure the mental health practitioner. 

The regulation of pre-authorization has added to the complex nature of mental health billing services. Any changes in the patient’s insurance where the pre-authorization for the treatment is not done will result in the patient being unable to afford the session, thus leading to your revenue loss.

Apart from these, there are other challenges that mental health medical billing services pose:


Info Hub Consultancy Services Helps You To Navigate Claim Challenges

When you partner with ICS as your outsource mental health billing solution provider, we can warrant receiving the claims you deserve. Our team of expert coders and billers specializing in mental health claims warrant an ongoing stream of claims being approved. In addition, we are at the top of the insurance companies’ policy changes for mental health services, so we file the claims correctly and collect them efficiently.

In case of a claim delay, we follow it up regularly and make the required changes to ensure it does not get rejected. At Info Hub Consultancy Services, we aim to have 100% claim fulfillment with zero rejection.

When you outsource mental health medical health billing services to us, we take care of the following:

Error Free Documentation For 100% Claim Fulfillment

If you want to know why to outsource mental health medical billing to Info Hub Consultancy Services, the reason is we offer error-free documentation and billing to ensure you get your claim. At ICS, we know the detailed billing and coding process required in mental health claims where typical billing software won’t work. So, we have developed software that will streamline the process of creating the treatment plans and notes for the patient and submitting the claims online that warrant limited to no denials.  

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