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Cardiology medical billing can often fall prey to audits, leading to heavy fines for faulty billing. In fact, many practices find cardiology medical billing challenging as it involves one of the most complex billing processes for both physicians and billers. The primary reason is the cardiology treatment that involves two parts- diagnostic, i.e., a physical examination and therapeutic to see the developments in hyperlipidemia, cardiometabolic conditions, ischemic syndromes, atherosclerosis, heart failure, valvular heart diseases, and other medical ailments. Furthermore, the continuous changes and new cardiology medical billing policy regulations make it even more difficult for the practitioner to keep up with the billing system.

Challenges in Error-free Cardiology Billing!

Cardiology is a specialty practice offering a host of medical treatments to patients, including invasive procedures, blood work, radiology tests, and intervention. The charges and cariology billing immensely depend on the services, medication, and care that needs to be handled by an expert. This often causes challenges in the cardiology billing services:

Get Accurate Cardiology Medical Billing with ICS!


When you outsource cardiology medical billing to Info Hub Consultancy Services, you can easily stay abreast with all the latest regulatory compliances as we take care of it all. Our ICS team will provide you with the updated cardiology billing facilities and a range of other solutions and requirements such as coding for implanted devices, follow-ups, ICM  and ICD 10 reprogramming, and in-office imaging, to name a few.

Ours outsource cardiology medical billing services include the following:

Additionally, the concerns about failing in audits due to faulty billing will be an issue of the past because we pride ourselves on providing the best outsource cardiology billing that will fit your budget.

Lower Your Audit Failing Risks With Info Hub Consultancy Services!

We conduct external and internal audits from time to time and discuss the details with healthcare professionals for having complete information starting from diagnosis to medical care given to the patients. So our billing process warrants you not facing any risk during the billing audit. Our billing team assures you that you don’t have to pay any fine for any wrong coding or failure to abide by the rules and regulations. Additionally, our expert coders ensure smooth functionality and management right from the time when a patient is onboard to releasing charges. You concentrate more on healing your patients while we take care of your cardiology billing.

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