5 Reasons Why To Work With Offshore Medical Billing Companies
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5 Reasons Why To Work With Offshore Medical Billing Companies

Undoubtedly, customers are the main priority for any service center. So is for the medical billing and healthcare centers whose main priority are the patients.

But it is not that easy as it seems to be. There are several back-end tasks involved from managing the billing errors to the improvement of the revenue management. And, all of these tasks take a lot of time and efforts other than good resources. It takes away the attention from the main priority, i.e., the patients.

What if we tell you that you can excel at both caring for the patients and managing the medical billing and coding with equal attention? The bonus is that all this is possible with half of the efforts, resources, and time!

Did you know how? The answer is- Outsourcing Medical Billing Services to India

Here are the reasons why outsource medical billing services is an automatic choice for you:

Benefits of Outsource Medical Billing:

Low operational expenses:

When you hire an offshore medical billing company, the entire cycle of tasks such as billing and coding, collection, and bill generation are taken care of. You need not spend a fortune on hiring and training resources or maintaining the IT infrastructure. You will have access to the trained medical billing staff that will take account of all the billing-related backend operations cost-effectively.

Increased revenue:

There are several ways in which you can see enhanced revenue by outsourcing medical billing services to India:

  1. The claims are processed electronically and hence, the collection time is reduced to a nominal percentage.
  2. Claim applications are scrutinized before submission by an expert biller to reduce claim denials.
  3. No more handling follow-up calls.

Instead, your medical staff can now focus on educating the patients and their families on the various medical procedures and their expected costs, including the options of payments that are available to them etc.

HIPAA and ICD-10 compliance:

One of the major concerns for outsourcing medical billing is the risk of breach of sensitive patient data. However, it is not a major concern as such if your medical billing partner is HIPAA compliant. HIPAA means that your service provider has the administrative, physical, and technical safeguards in place to ensure that all your data is safe.

Even if you do not partner with one of the medical billing companies in India, the risk of data theft doesn’t waive off. In fact, you would need to invest additional money and time in case of any unwanted data theft issue for getting clearance as HIPAA compliance.

The ICD-10 codes keep getting updated yearly. The final coding list that was updated in 2018 has more than 300 amendments. It can be a recurring administrative task that eats up the majority of your staff’s production time.

Whereas with the offshore medical billing company, it is their responsibility to update the systems and train their staff on the various code amendments and shifts. You need not bother about the billing task ever again.

Get the requisite control on the billing process:

A lot of medical practices hesitate to outsource medical billing services as they fear losing complete control of the billing process. The truth is completely different. Medical billing is a highly competitive domain and thus, these companies make sure their customers are happy and satisfied. The only way that they can ensure your satisfaction is by improving your collection time and minimizing the claim denials. They make an effort to minimize billing errors and cost-effectiveness when it comes to expansion. They maintain regular reporting to all their customers. In simple words, you enjoy even greater control over your billing process.

Improve patient satisfaction:

When there is systematic capture of the patient data, your medical staff finds it easier to handle patient queries. When the claims are processed electronically, your staff has more time to interact with your patients and their families, gauging their concerns and providing good solutions to them. At the backend, the electronic processing of scrutinized claims allows higher approval rates.

Now you can influence your patient experience on the top notch better with improved levels of human interaction and prompt claims processing.

Get all these benefits and more by outsourcing medical billing services to India. There are several international locations for these offshore medical billing companies. But your chosen destination should be India. India has expert billers with skilled English-speaking trained resources. The time difference is also within a manageable limit (approximately 9-15 hours). The foreign exchange rate is also quite favourable.

Info Hub Consultancy Services has a great offshore medical billing team with expert professionals who deliver high-quality support both for medical billing and coding services. You can also avail of other back-office support with patient services.



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