Can Offshore Medical Billing Companies Optimize Practice Costs

Can Offshore Medical Billing Companies Optimize Practice Costs


With rapid developments in the healthcare industry, many medical billing organizations in the United States are finding it increasingly challenging to service clients using only internal resources. Many physicians and hospitals are falling prey to high costs of maintaining staff, installing software and ensuring timely payments from insurance companies. Subcontracting some medical billing functions to offshore medical billing companies is the best approach. Offshore medical billing turns out to be a great alternative for healthcare practices who have a lot of billing staff turnover or a shortage of trained professionals in their location.

Many fixed expenses, such as training, benefits, insurance, and payroll, can be greatly reduced, if not eliminated, by outsourcing medical billing services – overhead costs to hardware/software installation costs. Are you affected by such extravagant costs?

A lot of clinics do not have the additional money or time to keep a full-scale billing staff and find a replacement when someone quits. As a result, by outsourcing this area of work, you can rely on your medical billing firm to offer a more controlled and sustainable approach to revenue cycle management.

You can greatly benefit from comprehensive medical billing services that help lower costs, reduce rework, boost productivity, and enhance revenue cycle outcomes. Find out how offshore medical billing companies can help optimize practice costs for you –


In-house billing necessitates the purchase of appropriate and updated hardware and software, which may cost a lot of dollars. offshore medical billing reduces overall IT expenses by providing or developing necessary technologies that may be connected with existing ERM software.

  1. Revenue Cycle Documenting – Software is a set of tools that can be used to track and report your revenue cycle. Customized reporting is crucial whether you’re a medical billing company or a healthcare provider.
  2. System Automation – End-to-end work process automation provides a real-time picture of process performance – inventory status reporting, online collaboration tools, collection efficiency – the possibilities are nearly endless.
  3. Employee Supervision – Through team member engagement tools, you can create a global team atmosphere with your offshore team members.

Operations Management

It can be time-consuming and tedious to deal with the complete medical billing process. However, owing to the complexities of the process, it is vital to hire and train the right people. Offshore medical billing companies have a well-trained team with necessary certifications and are HIPAA compliant, so you can be sure of the highest level of confidentiality. You gain access to a bigger pool of experienced employees who can perform the task when you offshore your medical billing services, saving you time and money on training and hiring.

Cost Benefit and Efficacy

Aside from the risk of losing money due to mistakes, the cost of building infrastructure, resources, and training staff can add to your medical practice costs. When you outsource your medical billing, the entire administrative cycle is handled for you, and the overall cost is slashed to almost half.

Apart from saving costs connected with wage arbitrage, there are significant savings in terms of reduced overhead expenses. Furthermore, recruitment and training costs are reduced, resulting in significant savings. When a US-based outsourced medical billing company enlists the services of an offshore medical billing vendor, prices can reduce by as much as 40% to 50%.

Professional Team

The perspective shifts from operational effectiveness to profitability like collections when you have access to greater talent. Furthermore, because the personnel of an offshore medical billing business are educated on different billing software, the quality and efficiency of outsourced billing is significantly improved. Billers and coders employed by offshore medical billing companies are well-trained and capable of processing even the most complex claims. They also guarantee that they are up to date on ongoing developments and that domain-driven evaluations are done in accordance with quality standards. You may observe lower denial rate while increasing cash flow by engaging the services of these experts for your billing procedure.

Easy Contracts

The majority of offshore medical billing service providers offer a variety of contracting alternatives, including percent of collections, per transaction pricing, and FTE pricing. A customized model enables practice of every size and specialty to gain most benefits from our offshoring company. Thus, no matter the organization, we will have befitting plans for you.

While the primary goal of offshoring is to save money, the benefits extend far beyond that. By focusing on enhancing your claims submission processes, lowering revenue loss due to denials, and improving the overall quality and efficiency of the process, the right offshore medical billing partner may help you enhance your revenue cycle performance. The final results — Improved cash flow, fewer denials, and higher quality.

Whether you need component revenue cycle operations like medical billing, medical coding, or accounts receivable management, or you wish to outsource the entire chain of process, Info Hub Consultancy Services (ICS) makes for the right partner to help you do more with your revenue cycle. Medical billing services are provided by ICS to healthcare enterprises, physicians, medical institutions, and organizations. Our revenue management cycle helps in lowering operating expenses while increasing total revenue.

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