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How Does Cardiology Billing Outsourcing Increase Your Billing Collection Rate?

Changes in medical coding and billing significantly affects cardiology revenue collections. Cardiology business office staff may find it difficult to keep up with the complexities and intricacies of coding, but not adhering to these can have long term impact on the financial health of the practice. Outsourcing your billing services seems as a viable option as your billing partner will manage challenges and changes in policies with higher level of skill and experience. Outsourcing cardiology billing lowers your costs for hiring, staffing, and training resources for the end-to-end billing process. An outsourced medical billing company’s billers and coders are knowledgeable about billing guidelines and procedures, which lowers the likelihood of claim denials and ensures higher collections.

Here are some ways outsourcing can help increase the billing collection rate of a cardiology practice.

End-to-End RCM Support

The ability to handle end-to-end billing services, from data entry to AR follow-up and denial management, allows for business expansion and growth when outsourcing to a reputable medical billing company. With full billing support, doctors can concentrate on providing high-quality patient care.

Tracking Denials

Denials lead to the majority of revenue loss for cardiology billing. It’s crucial to keep track of denials by payor, physician, and type. Determining the real reasons for denials is important as then you can prevent those errors. The staff of an outsourced medical billing agency is aware of the varied reasons for denials, and ways in which these can be avoided, thus resulting in revenue increase for the practice.

Using the Right Order of Codes

The first code must represent the precise reason why the care was provided, and other codes must be utilized in the order specified. The team at outsourced medical billing companies is knowledgeable about the specific codes that must be mentioned in the cardiology billing sequence. Codes must match the exact level of service provided because down- or up-coding can have negative effects. Your practice will see a rise in reimbursement with better code execution, which would immediately affect the bottom line.

Claim Management

Managing accurate claims can significantly impact the clinic’s revenue cycle when it comes to medical billing.  Practices primarily deal with two types of insurance payers: government and private. A sizable portion of the patient volume is covered by government schemes like Medicare and Medicaid. Guidelines and any other revisions to the government insurances’ claim management systems are easily accessible on their web pages and follow a reasonably consistent procedure. Private insurance panels, however, can be challenging to manage. There are several rules and restrictions for filing claims for each payer panel. The clinic’s billing team needs to be aware with the regulations governing these panels.

Advantages of Outsourcing Cardiology Billing

Advantages of outsourcing cardiology billing are aplenty. While increase in patient satisfaction and focusing on the delivering care is an eventual outcome, outsourcing majorly aids in an increase in revenue and profits for the practice, with reduced denials.

• Increase in reimbursement through the use of inpatient experience, thorough primary and speciality coding expertise,

• A deep, thorough understanding of the commercial and government insurance markets,

• The availability of data analytics and process enhancements, allowing you to understand the financial situation of your firm;

• Strong compliance, ongoing assistance and training for staff and providers, and specialists in handling refused claims using cutting-edge technological technologies to obtain data reports.

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