Most Common Errors In Medical Billing Services
Medical billing services

Most Common Errors In Medical Billing Services

Our team of professionals from Info Hub, an offshore medical billing company in India assists in boosting your revenue with reduced claim denials and timely payments. Get rid of basic medical billing errors with Info Hub, one of the leading medical billing service providers in India. We leverage our expertise and offer customized solutions based on your specialty and practice. 

Basic errors in medical billing, such as typographical errors or data entry problems, are frequently the source of inaccuracies. Unfortunately, even a minor mistake might cause a significant delay in claim reimbursement. Missed payments, which rely on continual reimbursement, weaken the lifeblood of a healthcare facility. It is the responsibility of health practitioners and coders to prevent such errors from occurring, and to communicate properly with the rest of their team. While it comes to medical expenses, you must avoid processing or coding errors when filing claims. Because successful requests account for the majority of healthcare professionals’ revenue, any mistakes you make can cost you and your employer a lot of money.

Read on to know about the most common medical billing errors and how offshore medical billing can help in minimizing these errors. 

Incorrect Identity Numbers

A typical medical error is having the wrong patient ID number. Any claims that have been rejected owing to an incorrect ID number will have to be resubmitted. To avoid making this mistake, double-check the spelling of the patient’s name, as well as the date of birth and gender. Also, reconfirm that the insurance payer is correct and the policy number is valid. Check to see if the claim requires a group number, if the patient’s relationship to the insured is correct, and if the diagnosis code corresponds to the procedure conducted. Finally, if you have numerous insurances, ensure the primary insurance is identified as such.

Claim Filing Date

If a proper claim is made but not within the insurance company’s submission time window, it may be denied. The ‘Date of Service’ or ‘from’ date on the claim form is the start date for a Medicare claim. The claim must be submitted well in advance to the proper Medicare claims processing contractor. A claim that was sent before the deadline but received after the deadline will be denied. To receive adequate reimbursement, it is critical to understand the required supporting documentation. Commercial payers and Medicare have differing rules for what constitutes timely filing of claims.

Invalid Procedure Codes

The diagnostic and procedure codes are updated on a regular basis. Each diagnostic must be coded to the code’s greatest level. Simply explained, by linking your diagnosis code to your procedure code, the code linkage demonstrates medical necessity. To put it another way, your condition must correspond to your treatment. This shows that you believe your doctor’s operations were medically necessary and that you should be compensated for them. You will not be charged for the claim if the code relationship does not reflect medical necessity.

Submitting Claims to the Wrong Provider

One of the most common, yet superficial, medical billing errors to avoid is filing a claim with the wrong insurance company. This frequently happens if you aren’t given a copy of the insurance card or if you don’t pay attention. Any missing information might lead to a rejection, but the most typical ones are the date of the accident, the date of the medical emergency, and the date of onset. Ensure that all claims are thoroughly examined for missing fields and all required supporting paperwork is attached.

Info Hub, an offshore medical billing company, India uses a high-volume, expert approach to assisting you in avoiding typical billing issues, or when errors do occur, we promptly and seamlessly repair them. We’re a great resource with decades of experience who can help you get paid fast and easily by providing specialized collection and claims processing, among other services.

We understand the difficulties of balancing high-quality patient care with the business of running a successful practice. We have the experience and training to keep you successful and help you build your business, as well as the expertise and commitment to decrease, if not eliminate, typical errors so you can maintain a steady cash stream, free of setbacks.

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