What's New in Medical Coding for 2024?

What’s New in Medical Coding for 2024?

The medical billing landscape is set for substantial changes in 2024 with the release of the updated Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) codes by the American Medical Association (AMA). These updates are pivotal for medical professionals to grasp, as they include 230 new codes, alongside 49 deletions and 70 revisions. This evolution in CPT codes demonstrates an ongoing commitment to reflecting the latest medical advancements and streamlining the billing processes.

Critical Updates in Evaluation and Management (E/M) Coding

The E/M section, often a cornerstone of medical practice billing, sees significant refinements:

  • Revision of Time-Based Billing: The 2024 CPT guidelines have clarified that the mid-point rule no longer applies, simplifying time-based E/M billing. The codes for office and outpatient visits (99202-99205, 99212-99215) now require a single total time to be met or exceeded, streamlining the process by setting a clear threshold for billing.
  • Modifications to Split or Shared Visits: Updates to split or shared visit billing now specify that CMS will compensate the provider who delivers the substantive portion of the visit, whether this is quantified through time spent or the depth of medical decision-making involved. This aims to better recognize the contributions of each provider in a shared setting.

Additionally, several operational adjustments include:

  • Nursing Facility Visit Time Adjustments: Specific codes for nursing facility visits (99306, 99308) have increased time requirements, potentially affecting how services are planned and billed.
  • Introduction of a New Add-on Code: A new code (+99459) for pelvic examinations reflects a nuanced approach, focusing on reimbursing practical expenses associated with such services.

Significant Changes in Surgical Coding

The Surgery section introduces changes aimed at accommodating new procedures and ensuring precise billing:

  • Vertebral Body Tethering: New codes (22836-22838) have been established for this innovative procedure, with additional guidance on using modifier 62 when procedures are performed collaboratively by two surgeons.
  • Endoscopic Destruction of Posterior Nasal Nerve (PNN): The introduction of codes 31242 and 31243 facilitates the billing of bilateral and unilateral PNN procedures, enhancing the specificity of endoscopic sinus surgery reporting.

Radiology and Pathology: Expanding Diagnostic Frontiers

Updates in these sections reflect advancements in diagnostic technologies:

  • Radiology Enhancements: The new code 75580 for estimating coronary fractional flow reserve via CT angiography marks a leap in non-invasive cardiac assessments.
  • Pathology and Laboratory Adjustments: The introduction of a new series of codes (81457-81459 and 81462-81464) among others, supports the expanded use of molecular pathology and complex analyses, mirroring the sector’s growth in precision medicine.

Updates in Medicine and Category III Codes

These sections also see extensive updates to keep pace with new medical practices and technologies:

  • Medicine Section Enhancements: Adjustments in this section, including new codes for COVID-19 vaccine administration and reporting venography in congenital heart disease, underscore ongoing public health initiatives and advancements in medical procedures.
  • Emerging Technologies in Category III: New codes such as 0784T and 0786T for neurostimulator electrode arrays, and 0820T to 0822T for monitoring psychedelic medication therapies, illustrate the rapid development of medical technology and its integration into clinical practice.

Preparing for Change

These updates necessitate a thorough understanding and swift adaptation by healthcare providers. Efficient implementation can prevent disruptions in billing and ensure that services are reimbursed correctly, reflecting both the care provided and the administrative requirements of modern medical practice.

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