Why Outsource Medical Billing Services To India?
Outsourcing medical billing services

Why Outsource Medical Billing Services To India?

To become a successful medical practitioner/practice, the primary focus should be on patient care. But many practices fail to pay attention towards patient satisfaction due to complexity involved in medical billing process.     Recent studies say that many healthcare companies looking to outsource their medical billing services to India, since it improves their business efficiency and also acts as a great aid to acquire widened business benefits in no time. Here are some advantages to consider outsourcing medical billing services to India:

1 Improved Revenue

Medical companies can save huge money on salary payouts, office infrastructure, and purchase of software and the amount spent on upgrading and maintaining them throughout. Moreover, results show that medical billing companies help generate 15% high revenue with collecting bills compared to in-house billing departments of any medical practice. With decreased overhead costs down the line, practices will be able to see increase in the overall revenue.

2 Quality Billing & Coding

Medical billing companies have highly experienced staff to manage every aspect of medical billing process. To enhance productivity and overall quality of billing and coding process, medical practices need to invest more time in analyzing and submitting clear claims on time, which is not possible for many of them due to attention required on patient care and satisfaction. But with outsourcing medical billing and coding to India, you get billing and coding at cost-effective pricing without compromising on quality.

3 Ever-changing billing rules

Medical billing niche is an ever-growing industry with changes in rules and norms constantly evolving. More than submitting claims, it is important for a practice to be up-to-date on norms and procedures of their payers, which is super critical for medical practices to keep their staff updated with latest information and have detail for eye while providing the right information during claims submission. Whereas, outsourcing it to a medical billing company benefits you with providing experienced and highly talented resources to handle claims efficiently despite changing medical billing rules of payers.

4 Technologically skilled

Offshore medical billing companies in India are highly equipped with top-notch software and high-end automated systems. By outsourcing medical billing to such Indian companies will benefit by reducing time and cost involved in additional training on software and dealing with new changes evolving in healthcare. This helps medical practices in USA to cut down cost on upgrading their software in medical billing system and also recruiting new employees.

5 100% HIPAA compliant

Security and safety of patient information becomes priority when it comes to medical billing. With outsourcing your medical billing services to billing companies in India, your patient information such as personal details, payment details, patient history, etc. are maintained with high security, since they are HIPAA complaint and stay aligned to medical billing rules. This, in turn, increases patient satisfaction thereby showing an increase in retaining of patients.


Though there are several common benefits offered by offshore medical billing companies, but choosing the right medical billing partner plays a vital role. Info Hub Consultancy Services (ICS) is one of the leading offshore medical billing companies in Coimbatore, India, with sophisticated infrastructure and skilled manpower that is highly experienced in multiple aspects of medical billing and coding, to support healthcare practices grow heights and develop consistency in generating revenue.

If you are looking to outsource your medical billing and coding services to a reliable outsourcing partner, Info Hub Consultancy Services is your ideal choice. With more than a decade experience in providing excellent medical billing and coding services, Info Hub Consultancy Services has earned high client value by building trust with its top-notch services. For a quick appointment, make a call to +1-888-694-8634 / +91-0422-4212455.

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