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5 Best Practices to Recover your Revenue in A/R

Medical practitioners overcome numerous challenges to get into the field. Sure, it’s a high skill based sector which has direct impact on patient’s lives. It is a noble profession. However, when it comes to revenue, this industry struggles just as much. Those working in medical field are already under a lot of stress. Simple errors can cause big losses and sometimes such losses are irreversible. Hence getting the best people to do the job is necessary. Speaking about finances in medical billing sector, any practitioner or a medical facilities primary financial goal is to collect maximum monetary reimbursement for the services provided. Keeping the revenue cycle running in a healthy way is crucial for the financial growth of the facility and also to boost morale of the employees. A simple strategy to counter this would be to set up an Account Receivables management policy for smooth running of your financials. So here are five best practices to recover your revenue in Accounts Receivable.


1. Regular Analysis of Denial Report and Errors

Till the time all due payments are completely process, a close observation of claims even after submission is strongly advised. This is done in order to track down any claims that are rejected or denied without missing any. This will also prove to be beneficial and will come in handy so that you can promptly work on AR recovery.


2. Identify the Root Cause

If you face frequent claim delays or denials or it happens quite frequently, it is very important to understand the pattern leading to such consequences. Once you study past claim denials or delays and understand what exactly causes it or if there are any frequent errors or missed information then it may help you to overcome a massive hurdle. It is advisable to locate and resolve the fundamental cause of such occurring in order to avoid them in future.


3. Tracking to Avoid Errors

Keeping a uniformed track of your accounts receivables will enable the providers with necessary data to identify customers who might be in the red zone. This will also provide with valuable data to understand any patterns or trends that can be evaluated to avoid claim denials or delays. The time and efforts invested in this process will eventually assist the healthcare facilities to track down and recover the otherwise lost revenue. This is vital for financial growth as well as boosting the morale of people who render their valuable services.


4. Outsourcing

The medical sector is one of the most stressful ones. Employees and those who are involved in rendering the services are already overworked and that can lead to many conflicts and exhaustion. Keeping in mind that most processes are cone manually and there is little to no scope for machines to interfere yet, any help possible is welcome. Hence, many medical facilities come to a decision to outsource medical billing services to medical billing company or a medical billing agency. It helps to increase the revenue since the medical billing companies in their team’s house those who have extensive knowledge and experience. It also reduces time and efforts required to train the staff from scratch.


5. Trained Staff

Having trained staff is always beneficial since they have the proper working knowledge of how to handle things if there are any errors or in case any challenges arise. The outcome will be superior quality wise and since there are lesser chances of errors occurring, you claims denial or delays will be reduced significantly.

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