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5 Common Methodologies to minimize bottlenecks in Wound Care Billing

A majority of medical centres cater impeccable wound care services to their patients; however, they too have to endure numerous bottlenecks in wound care billing. It has been observed that an inadequate billing system is present in most hospitals and medical organizations, and this is what is leading to a substantial loss in the amount of revenue. Therefore, the urgency to discover viable solutions has become the need of the hour.

Wound care billing, coding, and management requirements with their in-house team are incompatible with the other department of billing. The need calls for absolute attention 24×7. The team needs to be adept with their processes to avoid confusion as a lot of things might be at stake. From a coding and billing point of view, this department includes services primarily focused on denial compliance and management and evaluation of various services in a speedy manner.

Therefore through this article, we shall be discussing 5 methodologies to minimize various bottlenecks the wound-care billing has to face:

1. Verification of Insurance Coverage

The majority of patients received under this department by the hospitals and physicians are from the citation of others. It falls under the task of the department to cross verify whether the insurance cover does cover the services needed in wound care. Assumption related to insurance is a farce and the regular verification may lead to plenty of time being consumed.

A methodology that aids in easy navigation of insurance cover verification is to outsource a partner firm that acts as an extension to the in-house and they handle the task of constant verifications.

2. Record maintenance

The wound care industry, unlike others, encompasses several expensive supplies and this leads to a requirement of an adept billing team that ensures the coding and billing are done without any flaw. This is to further ensure that no loss in the revenue is incurred and there is no scope of claim rejection.

The bottleneck also has a solution. Incorporating team of experts by outsourcing to other organization that hold immense proficiency to handle record maintenance impeccably with ease. 

3. Clarity in terminologies

There have been multiple debates encompassing the reason constituting a wound in contrast with an ulcer. The in-house department must stand firm on the ICD-10 semantics, as many medical organizations interchange the terminology “ulcer” and “wound” as if they are acceptable, which they are not. 

This calls for an adept team of professionals who holds absolute fluency in ICD-10. This ensures such folly regarding terminology ceases to exist, while communication is made between the clinics.

4. Recovery audit contractor

The wound care billing and coding department is held very high in the recovery audit contractor’s priority list. To stand out amongst the fellow clinics, it is eminent that the auditing paperwork holds complete clarity and it is in an order likable by the auditor. However, maintenance of such detailed records can stand as a bottleneck for wound care billing.

However, this bottleneck can also be eradicated just by including an outsourced body that handles such nitty-gritty to ensure that the recovery audit contractor can find the entire audit as per their liking. 

5. Following up on too many technicalities

It is very much imperative for the wound care billing team to understand different types of wounds that can be caused and the actions that need to be incurred for each consecutive wound. If the team is unable to distinguish between different types of debridement and its respective wound care coding, handling the department might become too hassle some.

This kind of bottleneck scenario calls for an expert in the medical billing service of wound care who can handle such complexities without incurring any further mistakes.

Wrapping up

The wound care billing system requires many areas to be handled by the in-house departments. A team that can manage these areas efficiently and effectively is difficult to procure by the medical organization. Such scenarios call for an outsourced team of experts who is able to juggle these areas with ease.

One such team of experts is Info Hub Consultancy Services (ICS). ICS is one of the leading offshore medical billing service partners that hold expertise in resolving similar bottlenecks for wound care medical billing services. It provides an extension to its in-house department of medical organizations, resulting in better revenue generation and a concentrated number in claim reimbursement.

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