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Can Orthopedic Billing Outsourcing Increase the Billing Collection Rate?

A medicine branch that primarily handles musculoskeletal conditions such as ligaments, bones, joints, and tendons is classified as Orthopedics. This medical branch is absolutely essential for everyday movement in our lives. The billing under Orthopedic is mainly concerned with thorough documentation throughout a patient’s visit to a medical organization. Claims related to orthopedics will get rejected if an error is discovered that encompasses a lack of patient’s demographic entry or any form of incomplete patient verification of eligibility. Apart from that, the collection of revenue may also take a setback due to a lack of knowledge of the preference of insurance or any kind of error in the authorization.

Therefore, medical billing under the Orthopedics department needs a thorough understanding of the services that are provided by the hospitals and clinics. If the latest pieces of information are taken into consideration, Orthopedics suffers from a denial rate of more than 30%. Such lofty rates of denial can lead to a shortage of revenue & patient care while leading to Orthopedics practice bankruptcy.

Even though a medical organization may have the best in-house billing team and train its employees as per the requirement, the Orthopedic billing department holds immense complexities to be handled by an in-house team. This is the reason behind outsourcing to an adept Orthopedic medical billing company that will ensure stress level reduction and a surge in the reimbursement too.

The benefits of outsourcing orthopedic billing are as follows:

Security with patient’s data

The client information is rendered sensitive. This information is considered a jackpot for any hacker under cybercrime. Even with the upcoming technology, it is very challenging to avoid any form of malware attack. On the other hand, onboarding an outsourced company that holds expertise in computer-based protection, can make the data completely secure. This ensures that the organization meets all the necessary regulations and safeguards essential data of the patients.

Patients satisfaction

The biggest determinant for any kind of long-form success is to attain total satisfaction from the patient’s overall deliverability. This acts as a driving factor for anyone seeking improvement in their overall service.  Any form of feedback should be welcomed. The biggest adverse feedback received from the patients is a delay in the billing process. However, this is where outsourcing companies come to the rescue. It lessens the time gap and also offers customized services for patients, to ease out their anxiety prior to a physician visit.

Automatically evaluation of employee’s  insurance

The medical organizations might be wasting plenty of needful resources, by allotting their in-house team to evaluate patients’ insurance primordial facts. However, allowing any outsourced billing company will ensure speedy results in the overall evaluation. Due to their expertise in the subject, the chance of error is very low as compared to the in-house billing team of the hospital.

Fast adaptation to coding challenges and ICD-10

The 2 most common challenges anyone in the medical billing industry needs to endure are adhering to swift changes in the coding of medical billing and ICD-10. These two ICD-10 and other coding changes bring forth massive impacts to every medical specialty, Orthopedic coding has to take the most of its impact as the complicated changes bring forth radical differences in the field of Orthopedic billing. The latest alteration in ICD-10 code sets and newer versions of CPT codes ensures that the physicians document a very detailed document for varieties of different conditions, including joint disorders and any form of fracture. These changes demand complete specificity from the physicians practicing Orthopedics. It also requires the physician’s office to provide in-depth documentation of the place of injury.

Such complexities demand a proficient body of outsourced orthopedics billing partners, who can swiftly adapt to the latest changes in coding and other billing procedures.

Wrapping up

By observing the above-mentioned benefits, a conclusion can be drawn with ease regarding how effective outsourced orthopedic billing is in terms of an increase in the billing collection rate.

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