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Offshore Medical Billing Companies

“No Pain, All Gain” – Hiring An Offshore Medical Billing Company

Keeping in mind the stress and time-sensitive nature of the medical industry, many facility providers are always on the lookout for the next best thing. When you opt for offshore medical billing services, not only will you save precious time and stress for your employees, but you will reap great benefits for your practice.

In this blog, we will look into how offshoring such a tedious process can prove helpful.

Quality Talent

Companies that specialize in medical billing, house a pool of talent who have a sizable amount of experience in the medical billing field. Along with that, they also possess the right knowledge and are abreast with the latest developments in the healthcare industry. A combination of these skills gives you a team that delivers error-free and quality claims submissions.

Increased Focus on Patients

Shaking off a major time-consuming task such as medical billing provides domestic staff with much-needed time to focus on areas that require improvement and attention such as administrative tasks. Improving such tasks can be greatly beneficial for patient relations and employee engagement.

Best For Revenue Cycle Management

When you hire an offshore medical billing agency, it plays a huge role in improving your revenue cycle by optimizing the claim submission process and reducing the occurrence of revenue leakage due to denials. This leads to improvement in the quality of the revenue cycle with accelerated cash flow.

No Underbilling Or Overbilling

The medical billing agency houses a medical coder who provides expertise on how the medical billing facility is not supposed to bill too high or too low. Such scenarios of underbilling or overbilling can attract penalties for your practice.

End to End Medical Billing Solution

An offshore medical billing services company can provide you with a number of benefits such as a setup of practice management system or EMR system, registration of patients, eligibility verification, pre-authorization and scheduling, precise coding, denial management, patient support with customer and patient access solutions, credit balance management and resolution, account receivable or A/R, claim submission with rejection or edits of work.

No matter how big the medical facility is, the procedure of medical billing takes time. And while the above-mentioned list is concise, there is much more than an offshore medical company can offer.

Reduced Stress For Internal Staff

When the workload is high, human errors are bound to take place. And when the staff is new to the job, the initial struggle while switching to ICD-10 is bound to take place. This is more common in smaller medical facilities most likely to be understaffed. In such cases, more time and effort are employed to fix the issues such as claim denials. These factors add up to the already stressful work environment. Such errors occur on lesser occasions when you outsource the medical billing procedures to an offshore medical billing agency with experienced staff. This can then lead to reduced stress on internal staff and allows them the necessary time to focus on other tasks.

Lower Costs

While the idea of offshoring your medical billing process might sound costly, it’s actually very cost-effective. It is reasonable to hire medical coders offshore compared to domestic ones. They also have an extensive amount of experience in the industry, so not only are you saving in terms of hiring costs but also when it comes to savings in the long run.

Considering the many benefits that an offshore medical billing company offers, many medical facility providers are now opting to outsource medical billing to an offshore medical billing company or medical billing agency. With all the benefits they provide, it is hard to turn down such a deal.  At ICS, which is one of the leading offshore medical billing companies, our team offers expert medical coders that are highly skilled and certified, being one of the best at their jobs. No matter the specialty, we extend impeccable and flawless services for increased profits to every medical billing practice.