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Pathology Billing Services

All You Want to Know About Pathology Billing

A lot of medical facilities are on a lookout for assistance to make their stress a little bearable. Pathology billing involves deep expertise in billing and coding of the varied services offered. A lack of it can affect the financial health of the practice. One of the ways is to outsource medical billing to an offshore medical billing agency. Know everything about Pathology billing with us.


What is Pathology Billing?

Under pathology, there are two types of tests which are called qualitative and quantitative respectively. Pathology Billing is a billing which includes clinical pathology, anatomical, general and other fields along with sub specialties.


Types of Tests Included

In case of drug testing the above mentioned two tests can be deployed. For instance, qualitative testing is used to determine whether a drug is present and quantitative test is utilized to determine the amount of drug present.


EMR System

Since any form of medical billing must be done in a cautionary manner in order to avoid any errors which cause claim getting delayed or denied altogether, a lot medical facilities have hence adopted an EMR System or Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.

Such a system has proven to be immensely effective to reduce the number of errors resulting due to incomplete or missing records. This system helps to develop a singular channel to locate findings by the pathologist, physician notes and charts which enable multiple systems to access and share the required patient information.


Vital Codes

An important thing to keep in mind when dealing with pathology billing is that Pathology codes are not measured by the test results but are measured by the number of tests performed.  Here is a list of top ICD-10 codes use in pathology billing –

  • ICD-10-CM Code K29.50 – Gastritis related medical ailments
  • ICD-10-CM Code K20.8 – Diagnosis of allergic inflammatory condition occurred in esophagus
  • ICD-10-CM Code N20.1 – Code used for kidney stones
  • ICD-10-CM Code C50.911 – Code used to help in order to specify breast cancer amongst women

Pathology billing works is slightly different from other types of medical billing. As mentioned above, pathology codes are measured by the number of tests performed. A simple example to explain that could be, if someone is undergoing a test for both alcohol and phenobarbital, then these will get added as two separate procedures.


Common Know-How’s

Always remember to accurately put down details of the patient’s demographics. This is important as or contains some of the vital details about the patient and the illness they suffer from. Along with that, it is necessary that the person undertaking billing procedures must be aware of which pathology service is non split billable and which is split billable.

Additionally, a strong understanding of correct codes as per the guidelines is recommended. In case of any errors do take place in billing codes, pathology claims scrubbing can be utilised. This can be used to locate and eliminate any errors in billing codes.

Reduced number of errors in billing procedures will in turn reduce the number of claims denial. This is vital for maintaining a healthy revenue cycle of the medical facility. And to add up to that, a healthy revenue cycle boosts up employee morale to serve the society with even more zeal.

Keeping in mind the highly demanding nature of the medical industry, medical facilities are opting for medical billing agency and medical billing company which can deliver error free work and reduce claim denials. The staff is experienced and experts in their field and they are also well aware of the latest updates in compliance. This can benefit the facilities to a great extent.

At ICS, we house an enthusiastic team of experts which are highly knowledgeable in the field of medical billing, to deliver quality output. Our experienced billers can assist in streamlining pathology billing process and generating revenue.