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It is no wonder that pathology labs face challenges unlike ever before, intending to cut national health care costs. In such a time, when pathology medical billing was already complex and challenging, it requires the practitioners to be more mindful of what and how they are coding for the service rendered.

Unlike any other practice, pathology labs have unique needs, requirements, and obligations to the patient, hospital partners, and other stakeholders. Hence, it is not an unheard situation where claims often get rejected and leave your practice and staff underpaid.

To stay afloat in the business, obtaining accurate and timely reimbursement is a must of any pathology lab.

A Lengthy Documentation Process!!

Staying in compliance with the ever-changing billing regulation is already a challenging situation. Adding to that the understanding of two types of pathology billing, i.e.,


It makes the pathology billing service system more complex.

Along with these, you must add appropriate modifiers while mentioning the technical and professional components to get the claim.

Now you also need to have the pertinent documentation when you lodge the claim. It needs to include:

If you fail to identify or mention the right codes, services, and descriptions when filing the claim, the chances are you will lose the money. The pathology medical billing services, as a result, is quite tricky. Hence it needs to have a mastered partner who can handle these intricate details with ease.

Info Hub Consultancy Services as your outsource pathology billing partner can be your answer.

Getting A Reliable Outcome With Optimized Pathology Billing!!


Info Hub Consultancy Services has extensive experience in handling pathology billing. As a result, we have been one of the most sought-after outsource pathology billing services in the country because we have been handling a diverse field of pathology billing.

It includes general, clinical, oral, anatomical, forensic, psycho, and molecular to maxillofacial.

We offer a streamlined approach to ensure we can set up an aggressive claim with regular follow-ups and collection activity.

With us as your claims partner, it’s time you forget the words like delays, denials, and revenue loss due to non-payment of the services rendered.

ICS offers you a comprehensive and optimized service that includes:

Compatibility Warranting the Best Service!!

At ICS, we have developed the pathology medical billing service to be compatible with all the leading medical billing software.

We can help you work with any software without buying new products and software to match them when you hire us. In addition, our billing system will ensure you can overcome all the billing challenges ensuring you get the higher payment for your lab. These are reasonable factors to decide on why outsource pathology medical billing.

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