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Enhance your revenue cycle with us as your AllScrpit partner!

If you are looking for a medical billing partner who has the capacity to manage the revenue cycle by using the latest AllScript medical billing software, Info Hub Consultancy Services is your answer.

As EHR software, AllScripts professional helps optimize the operational process of clinics and other healthcare centers. In addition, the connected approach used by the software enables the users to simplify the patient record management system.

The Allscripts has a standardized system with scheduling, prescribing, and billing that the physician and the patient can easily access with correct authentication. As a result, the process facilitates easy management of treatment and care. Additionally, the open platform offered by Allscripts helps with connecting the major patient care providers for hassle-free and enhanced diagnosis, fast and correct decision making, and quick treatment.


We make AllScript easy for you!

Allscripts is medical billing software often used by small to mid-size medical practices. It offers an easy-to-use interface that helps streamline the administrative task of the center.

Some of the features that Allscripts offers and we at Info Hub can help you to improve the revenue cycle management with AllScripts are:

▪️ EHR mobile

▪️ Care coordination

▪️ Mobile access

▪️ Patient flows

▪️ Appointment monitoring

▪️ Quality management

▪️ Data source consolidation

▪️ E-prescribing

▪️ Financial functionality

▪️ Daily planning

These are some of the features but not an exhaustive list.


When you have the right people at the helm of taking care of the AllScrpit coding and billing, you can reap the benefits of numerous specialties that the software offers. It has extensive tools and features that can be customized to leverage the revenue cycle. Some of the specialties that the AllScrpit offers and we help you with it are:

▪️  Streamlining the routine tasks of oncology medical practices

▪️  Efficient response of the ambulances

▪️  Precision decision making in wound care billing and coding

▪️  Enhanced management of emergency room billing services

▪️  Better the revenue process for surgeries

▪️  Same day claim for lab billing and coding systems

▪️  Optimized workflow and best medical billing and coding practices for your ambulatory clinics

Why not Contact ICS, the leading outsource medical billing and coding company to help you to reap the benefits of AllScripts while you take care of the patients and we take care of the functions with AllScripts.

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