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Improving patient engagement service with technology and care!

The present AthenaHealth that combines decades of experience along with the latest healthcare technology came into existence in 2019. It is a combination of AthenaHealth Inc and Virence Health. These two companies joined hands and developed a better way of serving their worst customer base across the nation. Years of experience and expertise insight into the healthcare system are now combined with cloud-based latest technology. As a result, AthenaHealth is uniquely positioned to understand the healthcare billing and coding data and work on it to provide better care.

The company has been working hard to help small and medium-sized practices maintain better clinical records, improve revenue cycle management, and better patient engagement services. The objective is to eliminate any hardship and obstacles in the way to a smarter and improved healthcare experience.


Optimize the Practice Workflow!

They help the practice with:

      ▪️ Improved healthcare IT support

      ▪️ Optimising the revenue cycle with improved connectivity across the healthcare ecosystem

      ▪️ Mastering MACRA and MIPS to make the necessary changes and updates immediately when required

      ▪️ Helps with revenue growth

      ▪️ Round the clock customer support and training to provide a better care system for the patients

      ▪️ Interoperability that allows easy exchange of data and seamless integration into the system

      ▪️ Increase the efficiency with automated and cloud-based administrative services


With AthenaHealth being committed to serving the healthcare industry better while improving the experience of the healthcare professionals and the patients, it offers the following:

      ▪️ Efficient technology-backed orthopedics billing EHR solution

      ▪️ Voice solutions for seamless speech-to-text experience

      ▪️ Mobile solution to allow gastroenterology billing from anywhere

      ▪️ Effective and error-free behavioral health billing solution

      ▪️ Self-service tools for patients with improved communication system for gynecology billing services

      ▪️ Population health tool for primary care billing services to mitigate risks by engaging the patients about their healthcare

      ▪️ Virtual healthcare solution with telehealth billing tools

      ▪️ They also have platforms for apps that will help in practicing healthcare better. They have a vast suite of products and tools.

If you are looking for a partner who will take care of the AthenaHealth suite while you can focus on your practice, contact Info Hub Consultancy Services, The Best Offshore Medical Billing Company today. 

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