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GE Centricity, commonly known as Centricity is an EMR medical billing and coding system. GE Healthcare offers a service that aims at the larger medical practices and hospitals. Centricity is known for combining the financial management aspect and the clinical management of the practices into a single platform. The solution is an app and web-based one that allows the healthcare practice staff and physicians to access and update a patient’s medical records while on the move. 

The purpose of developing the Centricity was to provide it with the ability to be integrated into a wide range of medical devices and medical imaging systems. 

The focus of Centricity is on understanding the outcome of the patients. This is done with a range of reporting tools that the practice can use to compare itself on both local and national levels. Centricity also allows the practice to participate in pay comparison and assessment actively.


Takes Imaging Solution to the Next Level!

GE centricity takes the enterprise imaging solution to the next level, where it combines the latest technology-based intelligence and capabilities for transforming the medical billing and coding practice. The platform enables the administrative staff and physicians to perform everyday tasks, from scheduling appointments billing to following up with minimum footprint. It also helps keep electronic medical records and track the patient data with the Centricity patient portal.

These are managed with the following: 

      ▪️ Appointment management

      ▪️ Lab integration

      ▪️ Medical Billing and Coding management

      ▪️ Reporting and analytics

      ▪️ Scheduling

      ▪️ Maintaining patient history

      ▪️ Understanding patient demography

      ▪️ e-prescription


The GE centricity platform offers the right common viewing off the workflow archival medical imaging solutions that can be integrated into Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), Cardiovascular IT systems (CVITS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS), and Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA). 

Along with these, the other factors that make this a brilliant solution are:

      ▪️ A vendor-neutral archive radiology billing solution 

      ▪️ A standardized neurology coding solution

      ▪️ An image in a collaboration suite for ambulatory billing practice

      ▪️ A centralized diagnostic viewer for cardiovascular solutions

      ▪️ A comprehensive enterprise cardiology billing and coding solution

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