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eClinicalWorks has offered medical billing and coding services to medical facilities for over two decades with a cloud-based solution. The aim has been to make the office and the administrative departments of the doctors and hospitals paper-free and digitized.

eClinicalWorks objective has been to improve the workflow and communication across all medical facilities, including labs, pharmacies, and supply chains. They have been redefining their growth in healthcare IT with a unified cloud-based healthcare solution that helps the service providers with cost control, better understanding of the patient’s needs, reduce errors and improve the quality of care.

eClinicalWorks have been trying to close the gap between the hospitals and private practices, patients and the healthcare service providers and the payers, medical facilities, and insurance companies.


Leader in innovative and cutting-edge technology

Over the years, the technology-backed features in eClinicalWorks warrant every aspect of patient care from check-in, documentation, lab works, prescribing, billing, follow-ups, and scheduling. The V11 offers free hospital interoperability via the nationwide networks of CommonWell and Carequality.

The system has:

      ▪️ Eva – the eClinicalWorks virtual assistant

      ▪️ Round the clock and remote accessibility from any device

      ▪️ Easy to edit templates required for different medical billing services

      ▪️ Compliance and patient safety dashboard

      ▪️ Improved prescribing of any controlled substances

      ▪️ Performance evaluation tools

      ▪️ Alerts dashboard

      ▪️ Reduce days in A/R

      ▪️ Monitor KPIs

      ▪️ Robust analytics and reporting tools


One factor that ensures the patients are getting quality healthcare support is to provide them with experienced and caring providers. It requires an enhanced and effective patient engagement process. eClinicalWorks offers tools that promote deeper involvement with the care system for better results.

Some of them are:

      ▪️ Telehealth billing services for round the clock accessibility

      ▪️ Online booking in ambulatory medical practices

      ▪️ Kiosk Check-in for urgent care medical billing facilities

      ▪️ Easy to access the patient portal by the health centers

      ▪️ Healow Apps and Trackers to access the health records for OB-GYN practices

      ▪️ HCC coding for vision care

      ▪️ Care Planning or behavioral health billing and coding services

      ▪️ Population health to understand and assess risk in case of telehealth services

      ▪️ The Grid Cloud for high-speed processing and scalable solution

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