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Are you following the rules and regulations for Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC) medical billing as per the guidelines by CMS and Medicare? Without following the rules, you can’t reimburse for the medical services you offer as the billing system is quite different from a hospital or other facility billing. Though the services performed at an ASC are more extensive than those at a physician’s practice, patients don’t need a hospital stay. These differences make ASC medical billing services more complex and challenging. As an ASC practitioner, you need to know how to make the correct claims to ensure no coding errors that can cause loss of revenue.


Challenges Leading to Billing Denials in ASC!

The choice between treating the patients or doing the paperwork for claiming the reimbursements is a daunting situation. Moreover, when you know one mistake can significantly impact your practice’s financial performance, you are required to be extra cautious. The common challenges that come in ASC billing are many but need to be avoided: 


Challenges Leading to Billing Denials in ASC!

Keeping the revenue cycle going on without any bottleneck is the essential factor in maintaining the financial health of an ASC. The revenue cycle of an ASC is co-dependent on two factors, i.e., the ASC software technology and the billing expertise. The good news is that both are duly taken care of in the Info Hub Consultancy Services!

Our professionals will advocate for the most appropriate software technology that best supports your practice workflows. Apart from automatically integrating the required billing information, this software is designed to provide you with the relevant information to facilitate smooth surgeries. This will generate immense improvements in ASC operational and financial performance.  

Connecting with our team means getting expert billers and coders. They are experienced in suggesting amounts for bills, bundling rules, validating the documents, and indicating whether a particular service should be included or not based on codes. When you outsource the ASC medical billing to Info Hub, you get a complete solution without any mistake. While you focus on treating your patients, our expert billers and coders will keep the focus on minimizing your billing errors. 

Challenges Leading to Billing Denials in ASC!

As per RemitDATA, denials pertaining to ASC are causing immense pressure in keeping the facilities open. At ICS, we are a proud team of billing experts who can tackle various revenue challenges related to ASC and deliver top-quality service in the industry. In addition, our error-free billing and coding process ensures you get your reimbursement without any issue and procure the maximum payment from the insurance company. ICS means a way to get your ROI in no time and upgrade your facility to provide better care to your patients.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the most reliable and one of the best ASC offshore medical billing companies