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Unlike other medical billing systems, chiropractic medical billing is quite challenging. It is not limited to the use of the familiar CPT codes. The practitioner must be constantly updated about the modifiers that the insurance companies prescribe for the services while following the guidelines and ensuring on-time claims with HIPAA compliance.  A chiropractic medical billing specialist also needs to be aware of the vocabulary of the chiropractic field to get the proper reimbursement. Failure to do so means a detrimental effect on the revenue cycle.

Info Hub Consultancy Services can handle all these issues when you partner with them for your outsourced chiropractic billing.


Overwhelmed With Billing Challenges?

In chiropractic, adherence to medical guidelines is quite different from in most medical practices. The fee schedule and billing policy for Medicare are also different since only the adjustments performed by the chiropractor are covered. Though X-ray is often used in chiropractic, it is not covered under exams. Similarly, non-acute, non-active, and maintenance adjustments are also not being part of it.

What would you do as a chiropractor to overcome such issues along with these pain points to warrant that there are no claim denials? Don’t you fail in the audit?

If yes, it is time for you to seek the help of expert billing professionals and outsource chiropractic medical billing.  They can help with the adherence to Medicare guidelines. As professionals, they are well aware of the performed treatment to define its scope as an acute or active procedure to be clear on terms when to use Active Treatment (AT) Modifier. For example, during the adjustment treatment, the Advance Beneficiary Notification (ABN) needs to be signed by the patient exclusively for adjustment procedures. Furthermore, a chiropractic medical biller should know how to use the GA modifier to validate the ABN execution in a file when Medicare does not cover the patient.


Info Hub Consultancy Services Is The Answer To All Your Billing Pains

With Info Hub Consultancy Services (ICS), you no longer have to deal with the complex chiropractic billing system that takes up your time and resources. As your partner, we will help you with all the CPT codes and modifiers so the insurance company knows the different services provided.

At ICS, we know the importance of CPT codes in billing and how to use them to reimburse the money. Chiropractic uses a limited set of CPT codes, but they have to be done accurately to get the money from the insurance companies.

With us at the helm of providing chiropractic medical billing services, you can focus on taking care of the patients while ensuring the revenue flow is unhindered.

We Use Chiropractic Billing Software!

When you outsource chiropractic medical billing services to Info Hub Consultancy Services, you get our technologically advanced chiropractic billing software along with revenue cycle management. Combining these two makes the billing process for chiropractic CPT codes easy to ensure you with the proper documentation. The software also allows the users to submit the claim directly to the clearinghouse with a single click. Wait for no time to make ICS your chiropractic medical billing partner.

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