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Info Hub Consultancy Services (ICS) has the reputation of tackling the challenges often faced by Internal Medicine Billing services. With a range of patients walking through the doors for your internal medicine practice, the issues with coding and billing are constant.

So, do you or your staff know how to code for the plethora of diagnoses done, the minor procedures performed and complicated ones at the office, and how to bill and code prescriptions in Internal Medicine Billing Services?

You need to know the right codes and follow proper billing practices to warrant there is no churn in the revenue.


Seasonal Service Challenges To Coding Errors

Internal medicine billing services have to provide services that include regular vaccines and yearly flu shots. Internists also need to be aware of the various government offers and incentives that are offered to both walk-in and existing patients. The billing process for seasonal services is anything but easy for internal medicine staff.

Keeping the staff and practice up to date with all the coding and industry best practices is vital to ensure no claim denials.

Coding errors are one of the primary reasons when it comes to Internal Medicine Medical Billing claim denials. Staff often fails to comply with the charting and unintentionally does up-coding or under-coding, causing issues.

Other challenges faced when you do not outsource Internal Medicine Medical Billing are:


ICS Helps You To Make Money

Are you wondering why outsource internal medicine billing to Info Hub Consultancy Services?

We have been in the business for years where we have taken care of managing all the common denials that Internal Medicine practices face. We take care of these common denials to ensure you get the money for the treatment rendered: 

We have the knowledge on how to code for these and other procedures to ensure you get the money for the treatment given.

At ICS, we know a patient is often a one-time visitor, and an internist can be their first point of contact for the treatment. This makes the billing procedures more complex, with different patients looking for a different solution to their ailment.

ICS offers you the outsourced Internal Medicine Medical Billing Services so that you can take care of the patients while we take care of the billing procedures, manage the rejections, and follow up when necessary, with bill collection. Thus, with our service, you make money instead of losing it.

Software Makes the Job Easy

Outsource Internal Medicine Billing to Info Hub Consultancy Services would mean taking care of the coding, billing, and even follow-up process with our specialized and customized software that warrants an error-free solution.  Apart from having a team of certified and experienced coders who know the coding and billing system, the software helps with internal medicine billing cycle management to ensure a boosted ROI.

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