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Going through revenue loss in podiatry practice is not uncommon. If you or your staff finding it challenging to understand the coding nuances related to the specialized field, you can change all these with the help of Info Hub Consultancy Services podiatry medical billing services.

In order to keep the practice afloat, prompt payment is vital. But often, in podiatry medical billing, challenges like time-consuming billing audits and right modifiers are mentioned. The inability to do that will lower your chances of having a successful claim. Also, overusing a specific modifier can be an issue when submitting a claim.

Do you want to improve the financial standing of your practice caused due to revenue loss? Don’t worry. We can help!

Ever Changing Rules Of The Insurers

Are you facing the issue of your claims getting rejected by a few insurers while some claims are being settled? It can be confusing, we know. But the claim procedure is distinct between insurers. Each insurer has its own set of rules, and you need to be aware of them when making the claims.

Coping with podiatry billing is quite a challenge. Paying attention to the specialty billing process hence becomes necessary. 

In podiatry, when you fail to take into account the specialty of the procedures mentioned by the insurer, it is treated as an error. Therefore, any error in podiatry billing services means underpayment or claim rejection by the insurer.

But the challenges faced by podiatry billing don’t end here. Some of them are:

All these factors can be handled with ease by Info Hub Consultancy Services for your podiatric practice.


Offering Best Practices In Podiatry Billing Services

No longer do you have to worry about podiatry claims being denied due to the termination of coverage. When you partner with ICS as the outsource podiatry billing service provider, we take care of it all.

At ICS, we use the best practices in podiatry billing and coding, which includes:

With these and more best practices in place, we warrant an improved claim rate for your podiatry practice with us, our outsourced podiatry medical billing services.

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Get Rid Of Unclean Claims With Us!

In your podiatry practice, the last thing you want is to have unclean claims. So we offer you a claim scrubbing process. Any improper attributes and human error caused during the claim are determined with electronic tools, and we then fix it to get your claims back.

We offer a comprehensive claim scrubbing process to ensure there is no claim rejection.

So, if you are wondering why outsource podiatry medical billing to ICS, the reason is we will help you to get all your rejected claims back!

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