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Only a licensed and registered nurse, a qualified technician aware of the billing practices in the field, can take care of skilled nursing facility medical billing. Not any admin or a medical agent can take care of the skilled nursing facilities billing process. It is one of the few specialized billing and coding systems that requires experienced, trained and competent people to handle it.

The new and frequent changes made by Medicare and other insurance companies have been putting the skilled nursing facilities billing services through a wringer.

You won’t be the only practice if you are finding it hard to continue in the business with increasing numbers in declining reimbursements, different payment models by the insurers, higher acuity of patients, increase in the regulatory procedures, and scrutiny to name a few.

The need to have a knowledgeable partner in Skilled Nursing Facility medical billing services is needed more than ever before.

Failing To Make The Cash Flow?

In order to run a successful facility, you need to have a quick and regular cash flow. Without the reimbursement of the services rendered to your patients, the cash flow for the practice will come into question. Several factors led to this failure of reimbursement and put a clamp on the cash flow. Some of them are:

In order to thrive through all these challenges, it’s time to outsource SNF medical billing services to Info Hub Consultancy Services (ICS).

Staying Complaint & Accountable!

When you partnered with ICS as the outsourced SNF billing services provider, we ensure your billing and coding complies with the documentation and are accountable. In addition, our triple check procedure warrants the fundamentals of the billing process are accurate and comply with the reimbursement guidelines.

At Info Hub Consultancy Services, we also offer:

Improve clinic's performance with Info Hub Consultancy Services (ICS)

Have you wondered why outsource SNF medical billing to ICS? At Info Hub Consultancy Services, we offer a customized and comprehensive billing and coding service for SNF with our experienced team. No longer, you have to worry about the QMs, claim audits, or claim denials. While you and your staff focus on taking care of the patients, we care about the bills and codes.

We ensure your company fills accurate codes for the billing without any error. In addition, our track record of multi-tasking with claim preparation, submission, and A/R management with guaranteed results makes ICS your best outsourcing partner to lower your claim denials and improve the ROI.

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