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A SaaS backed technology to leverage the practice analytics

HealthFusion was founded in 1998 as cloud computing software that offers services to physicians, hospitals and medical billing sectors. Within the Health Fusion solutions, MediTouch EHR and MediTouch PM are included. It also integrates the Claims Clearinghouse.

The 100 percent cloud-based solutions provided by the HealthFusion platform have impressive growth in revenue and subscribers to their services. They back fully SaaS-based healthcare technology products that have proved to be beneficial for medical billing service providers, hospital ambulatory centres, independent physicians and clinics.

Over the years they have acquired more than 6,000 ambulatory subscribers and have been providing services to over 30 specialities across the 50 states of the US. HealthFusion has been designed to offer the best support and seamless use of the system for easy management of the revenue cycle with its in-built robust analytics.


Integrated Specialty-Specific EHR Platform!

HealthFusion enables easy patient charting with an efficient medical billing facility to drive the efficiency of practice with the intuitive and modern interface of the app:

      ▪️ Compatible with any mobile device, laptop, desktop

      ▪️ Touchscreen enabled system for seamless user experience

      ▪️ Automated Email and text appointment reminders

      ▪️ Application is touchscreen-enabled

      ▪️ Free integration with ZocDoc

      ▪️ Medication refill requests

      ▪️ Drag and drop scheduling


HealthFusion makes the life of the healthcare practitioners easy with one integrated platform that offers a convenient patient portal along with specialty-specific EHR content. The smart tools incorporated in HealthFusion allow the users to offer quality care and a better patient experience.

The factors that make the practice effective are:

      ▪️ A web-based EHR used for connecting with major labs and e-prescribing billing and coding

      ▪️ A consolidated dashboard for family medicine billing services

      ▪️ In-depth analytics to improve compliance with MACRA – MIPS reporting for urgent care billing solutions

      ▪️ Direct messaging and e-faxing facility for podiatry coding solutions

      ▪️ HIPAA complaint and ONC-Certified billing and coding

      ▪️ Avail detailed financial and business intelligence analytics within the orthopedics billing platform

      ▪️ Easy to customize as per the specialty-based service

Integrate your specific specialty with the HealthFusion by partnering with Info Hub Consultancy Services, leading offshore medical billing company in India experts to ease the medical billing and coding activities.

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