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A Single Cloud-Based Solution for Best Workflow Optimization!

HealthFusion Inc., a San Diego, California-based software company founded in 1998, developed a single cloud-based medical billing and coding solution, i.e., MediTouch HR. Despite starting as a clearinghouse, it evolved into a fully integrated system that included MediTouch EHR and MediTouch PM (Practice Management & Clearinghouse).

Developed by two primary care physicians Dr. Seth Flam the present CEO of the company, and Dr. Sol Lizerbram, the current Chairman of the Board, focus on enhancing patient care and overall workflow in the primary care system. In addition, the system was developed to take care of other specialties like Podiatry, Pediatrics, OB/GYN, ambulatory care, etc. with time.

Meditech was one of the firsts to achieve the 2014 certification of the first five pure ambulatory EHRs. It is also among the top 10% of all the EHRs with a minimum of 1 Meaningful Use attestation. In 2015, HealthFusion and Altegra health became partners to optimize the clinic and healthcare facilities’ workflow while improving the documentation process for the patients through MediTouch.


A Fully Web-based e-Health Solution!

MediTouch EHR is a fully web-based electronic health record solution that has been designed to offer customer experience for each doctor and practice. With MediTouch, the user gets a range of dynamic preloaded templates which can be further customized for the practice. It also includes-

      ▪️ The option of saving favorites like commonly used terminology medical phrases and forms

      ▪️ Can be optimize with a single finger touch since it is designed for iPads and other touch screen mobile devices.

      ▪️ It is compatible with almost any operating system like Mac and Windows

      ▪️ If there is an Internet connection, this could be a software that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime

      ▪️ Easy charting system

      ▪️ Schedule and manage the workflow and patients


This cloud-based ager system is known for its robust security, backed up data, high-end encryption protection that adheres to HIPAA measures for specialties:

      ▪️ Inbuilt insurance verification for ambulatory care billing solution

      ▪️ Easy and enhance patient urgent care billing and coding

      ▪️ Chronic care billing management and tracking

      ▪️ Medicare Advantage Code assist for ophthalmology billing

      ▪️ e-Prescribing for Telehealth coding services

      ▪️ Patient portal for mental health

      ▪️ These are some of the specialists offered by MediTouch, but the list is not exhaustive.

Since this comprehensive EHR solution offers many more features and specialties, why not benefit from it? Let us help you optimize MediTouch EHR and PM to the fullest as your partner. Contact ICS today!

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